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Kinetic Potential, is an approach for helping individuals achieve their full potential and to attain the status of “professional” in their chosen career field. Everyone can go pro in something—maybe you are not destined to be a professional athlete or entertainer—the probability of going pro in these fields are very low. However, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of other career fields an individual can go pro in and the probability of success is much higher. Computer programming, investment banking, nursing, hospitality, project management—the list goes on and on

Kinetic Potential (KP), provides a framework for exposing individuals to diverse career options, a roadmap for developing the required knowledge, skills and abilities and a tracking mechanism to evaluate progress against targeted milestones. This deliberate approach is viable for anyone who wants to become a professional—but critically important for at-risk populations where the gravitational pull of life is weightier than for most. Low income, homeless, foster care, minority, immigrant, single-family households, seniors and those with disabilities.

Living a KP Life begins by establishing a vision of your future—your desired quality of life and associated career goals. That is the potential element of the equation. The kinetic component begins when you put your vision into motion and work each day to fulfill your dreams—to achieve your Kinetic Potential.

Kinetic Potential, or KP, is about establishing a vision and goals for your professional future and making each day matter in pursuit of that goal. KP provides the framework, support systems and connection to community resources that build the competencies for any career

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